Stress and exhaustion are not the default. Learn to take care of yourself in a way that makes a difference

Running around. Worrying. Planning. Trying to be efficient. When could you last afford to stop all that and take one minute to look at the rays of morning sun coming through the leaves, follow the rain drops down to the window frame with your gaze, feel a snow flake melt on your cheek. If you can’t remember the last time you did such a thing,                        -- let’s talk.


Then good news: you are alive. Being stressed is a part of being human. Evolution equipped us with stress response so we can meet life’s challenges. But when stress becomes lifestyle, it makes sick.

It is not possible to "get rid" of stress  or "avoid stress". But we can change our relationship with stress and feel more peaceful that way. This is, perhaps, a life-long process. But you don’t need to wait for your circumstances to change to start  feeling more at ease. The journey towards greater peace can start today, no matter what your situation is. I would be delighted to accompany you in this journey, to help you better understand yourself, and to show you that you have the resources and the potential that you didn’t realize you had.


I offer evidence-based psychological counseling for stress. I will help you:

  • Recognize and become more aware of your  stress

  • Learn lifestyle principles to support your mental health

  • Learn to respond to stressful situations in more helpful ways

  • Find ways to recover from a stressful experience | +45 42 61 62 86


Packages, Prices and Booking

1,5 hours

Full stand-alone consultation

1 hour

Follow-up consultations

1,5 + 5 hours

Full initial + 5 follow-up consultations

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Stress and Sleep Counseling

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