SLEEP And Insomnia

Improve your sleep without drugs
Psychotherapeutic solutions to sleep problems

Sleep is beyond our conscious control. There is no reliable methods to put oneself to sleep. What we can do is set up favorable conditions for sleep and then let the body do its job. Working with sleep means working with lifestyle, stress, emotions, and thoughts. The paradox of insomnia is that the less you are willing to experience it, the more likely you will.


Reasons for poor sleep

Light, noise, temperature, smells;

Exercise, diet, device use, evening routines, small children

Jet lag, irregular bedtime, delayed or advanced sleep phase

Significant life events, work stress, family stress, overtiredness

Trying to force sleep, lack of confidence in the ability to sleep

Sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movements


Strategies to improve sleep

I offer a comprehensive evidence-based approach to sleep problems and will help you:


  • Rule out medical problems that affect sleep;

  • Improve sleep hygiene and schedule;

  • Address daytime stress and anxiety;

  • Correct false beliefs about sleep;

  • Change  your relationship with disturbing thoughts;

  • Learn to accept sleeplessness. | +45 42 61 62 86


Packages, Prices and Booking

Brief stand-alone consultation

Recent sleep problems in generally good sleepers

45 min

Full stand-alone consultation

Chronic sleep problems (follow-up consultations may bee needed)

1,5 hours

Follow-up consultations

Chronic sleep problems

1 hour

Full initial + 5 follow-up consultations

Chronic sleep problems

1,5 + 5 hours

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Stress and Sleep Counseling

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