Dear former, current, and prospective clients,

When I work together with you, I am very likely to come into possession of information about you that is personally identifiable and sensitive. Your privacy is very important to me and it is my legal obligation, as well as my highest priority, to make sure that your personal information is kept securely and only for as long as necessary. It is also my legal obligation, as well as my wish, to inform you about how your information is stored and processed.

What types of information are collected

In order to be able to work with you, I will need your contact information such as your name, email and phone number or Skype ID. I need this information because most of our work will be done via phone consultations and email follow-ups. In some cases, when an invoice is issued, I may need to ask for your physical address.

I may also come into possession of sensitive information about you, for example if you write to me to describe a personal issue you are seeking help with or to inform me about your progress with that issue during the follow-up. Before the phone consultation, I may also ask you to fill out and send me a questionnaire regarding the issue you are seeking help with. I do this in order to be able to best prepare for the consultation, to make our work more time efficient, and to best tailor the services to your personal needs.

How information is collected                                                  HOW TO BEST SEND SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION


The information needed for booking (you name, email address, phone number, and the type of service you are requesting) is collected via online forms on this website.



Instead, sensitive information can be sent one of these following ways:

  • By encrypted email (please read the next section)

  • Through encrypted chat (WhatsApp)

  • By using Private Conversation function in Skype

  • By sending me a link to a file on your cloud drive (I strongly recommend using cloud services that offer encryption, for example Dropbox or Sync).

How and for how long information is stored

I use an email account on ProtonMail where all information I obtain from you by email is stored in an encrypted form. The only person that has access to the content of my email account is myself.

To take full advantage of email encryption, you need to encrypt emails on your side as well. If you are also using ProtonMail, all emails you send to me are automatically encrypted. If you do not wish to encrypt the emails you send, I recommend you send sensitive information by one of the other means listed above. I do not store emails for longer than six months after the last contact.

The information I collect via online forms is stored on WIX servers (WIX is the website constructor used to build this website). Please read here about how WIX handles data. The information obtained through web forms is deleted once every six months.

If you contact me via any type of messenger, I delete the conversation as soon as it is over. If you send me an attachment via a messenger, it will be stored on an encrypted and password-protected drive on my computer, to which only I have access, and deleted six months after our last contact.

No phone or Skype conversations are recorded or stored.

If you are a paying client, I may need to store your invoice for several years for accounting purposes. The information on the invoice will include your name, contact details, the service you paid for, and the amount you paid. This information will be stored on an encrypted and password-protected drive on my computer, to which only I have access.


How your information is used

I only collect the information that renders me able to provide my services or which I believe will improve the quality of my services. If for any reason I will need to store your personal information for longer than six months, I will ask for your explicit permission to do so and explain the reasons for storing the information.

I will never send you any promotional material without your prior explicit consent. I may contact you to inform you about your rights concerning your personal information (for example, if there is a change in Privacy Policy that may affects you) or if I need to ask for your explicit consent to store or use your information in any other ways than what is specified in this Policy.


Your rights and responsibilities

By sharing your information with me by email or by any other means that technically allow the information to be stored, you give consent to this information being stored and to me processing this information according to the conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy. However, it is your legal right to ask, at any time, what information is being stored, how it is being used, and to request that it be corrected or deleted. If you want to exercise this right, you need to contact me personally.


Green Light operates from Denmark and falls under the EU and Danish jurisdiction. To learn more about the EU legislation on data protection and your rights concerning your personal information, please read the  EU General Data Protection Regulation.




Changes in the Privacy Policy

I may change this policy from time to time. Your rights regarding the use of your personal information will not be restricted without your explicit consent.


Last updated: 30.01.2020

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