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Would you spend a lot of money on fancy food ...

Updated: Jan 8

If you never got to taste it?

Seems like the only sensible answer is, "No, why should I?".

But then, here is another question. What are you doing when you are having breakfast? Are you having breakfast when you are having breakfast? Do you get to taste what you are eating?

Today, after I dropped my kid at daycare, I stopped by the new fancy bakery close to my house to get a bun. At home, as I was having breakfast, it was not before I had eaten half of the bun that I realized I hardly noticed what it tasted like. Why? Because my mind was elsewhere.

When I am not eating in front of the computer (which I am trying to wean myself off of), I might often be thinking about my to-do list, daydream, rehearse a conversation ... Do anything but mentally participate in the eating.

So when there was just a half of the bun left, I thought: "Ok, that's a shame, now I am going to stop thinking and taste that bun because it seems like it's a good one". Difficult. One of the reasons we overeat. We want more taste because we were too busy to pay attention while the food was still in our mouth.

I can't seem to find it now, but I remember reading about an experiment where participants were told they were about to taste exotic fish prepared by one of the best chefs in the world. Afterwards many described the meal using words like "sublime" and "unbelievable". Except in reality it was something like boiled cod... Food actually tastes good when we are purposefully paying attention. Even the most simple food.

How about you? Can you just eat when you are eating? Can you appreciate simple tastes like that of fresh bread with butter?

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