• Nadya Dich

When nature forces you to take a break

I live in Denmark, seven kilometers south of Hamlet’s castle. Good weather in Denmark is always a treat. Today it is clear sky, +21C. I was going to bike to the library to work, but as I was passing the beach, the idea of going for a swim became irresistible. And of course, swimming is so relaxing that one just feels like lying on the beach for a while afterwards.

As I was lying there, listening to the waves and staring at the blue sky, that nasty part of me that can never sit still (or lie still for that matter) was nagging: ‘You are so lazy, it’s 10am already and you haven’t even started working. Get your butt off that beach and go work’. But my butt would not budge.

It wouldn’t because it got backed by that “lazy” part of me, which replied: ‘Number one: no one is paying me to go to work, so I can do whatever I want. That’s the deal with being your own boss. Number two: I can work when the weather is bad, and it won’t be long before it is. How many nice days do we have before it’s winter again? Number three: I no longer wish to participate in the rat race. Who said you have to rush all the time to be productive? I am boosting my creativity by lying on the beach. And now that we are at it, I am also going to get a cup of coffee afterwards”.

The lazy part won the battle, and now I feel much more motivated to get a lot done today. Why do we have to feel bad about not working when not working is such an important part of healthy work life? The idea of doing nothing is always so enticing when we are busy, but when we actually get a chance, all we can do sometimes is think about where we have to be instead…

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