• Nadya Dich

Policies to reduce work stress across the world

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Article on policies to reduce work stress across the world.

"[R]aising awareness of stress in an organisation is vital if that organisation is serious about stress management. This is partly due to the fact that stress is a complex issue: it means different things to different people, as what might be considered stressful to some employees might be accepted as a necessary and stimulating part of the job by others. In addition, there can be a stigma around admitting to being stressed, with employees not wanting to show what they feel may be perceived as weakness, fearing that this may put them at a disadvantage in the workplace. If an organisation develops a culture in which stress can be talked about openly and freely, the management of stress is likely to be a lot easier. There are a number of examples in this study of companies that have run awareness campaigns which seem to have been successful in reducing accidents and absence."


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Stress and Sleep Counseling

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