• Nadya Dich

If your boss is angry that you are being unproductive...

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

... tell them you are saving their money. Ok, maybe it’s not a good idea to say that, depends on your boss. But at least you should know that you might be doing your chef a favor by being unproductive once in a while.

Employers love high-performers and over-achievers because those are the ones who perform and achieve. However, what is often lost on employers is that over-achievers and perfectionists are more likely to drive themselves to exhaustion end up on a sick leave due to stress. Sick leaves cost money.

An overachiever and perfectionist will respond to work overload by working harder in order to stay on top of things. But if all you do is push yourself harder, you are living in a state of emergency 24/7. Your mind and body are not designed to do that. Sooner or later they will give up on you meaning that one of them or both of them will get sick. Allowing yourself to be unproductive or even totally useless once in a while is making sure you don’t get sick from stress. I hope you are reading this during your working hours.

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