• Nadya Dich

I feel therefore I am

They say, we hurt the most where we care the most. Things that are the most meaningful to us also make us the most vulnerable. From that perspective, pain is an integral part of living a vital life. Nobody likes pain, for sure... And yet.

The willingness to experience pain is directly proportional to the sense of being alive. Where you allow colors, smells, sounds, sensations, emotions fully penetrate you, fill you up from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Where you can be overwhelmed by the richness and multi-dimensionality of one single moment of your life. Where you can stop and say, "This right here is the essence of existence -- I feel therefore I am".

Who would we be if we never felt heartbroken saying goodbye? Never felt guilty about poor choices? Never felt anxious about the uncertainty? Never felt angry when we are betrayed?

It's only out of the place of hurt that one can develop a full appreciation of the human condition, respect for the shared human experience, and genuine empathy.

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