• Nadya Dich

How long does it take to eat three raisins?

A simple exercise to slow you down.

My daughter loves ice cream and she wants a lot of it. To help her get the most of her ice cream, I taught her this simple trick.

If you take only a little bit at a time, there will be a lot of ice cream and it will last you for a loooong time. But if you take big chunks at a time, very soon there will be no ice cream!

She was immediately on board... But are we, adults?

What I explained to her is the basic principle of mindfulness. Mindfulness is about savoring the moment. It's about fully experiencing whatever is there to experience, however "trivial" it might be.

In MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) programs, they use a raisin eating exercise. Do it if you need a little pause.

First ask yourself, how long does it take to eat three raisins?

Now find those three raisins and do this:

✔ Pick one raisin. Take a moment to look at it and explore its shape. ✔ Notice its texture. Notice what it feels like in your fingers. ✔ Smell the raisin. Does it smell of anything? ✔ Put the raising in your mouth. ✔ Explore its texture with your tongue. ✔ Take a bite and notice the sweet taste release. ✔ Notice how your are salivating. ✔ Take a few moments to slowly chew the raisin. ✔ Swallow. ✔ Repeat with the remaining two raisins.

How long did it take? How satisfying was it in comparison to how you normally eat? Did you notice any other effects of this exercise?

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