• Nadya Dich

Gloomy day

Dark clouds. Cold room. Sluggish mind. You seem to be in the mood for nothing today.

What to do? How to cheer yourself up?

If you turn to the internet for the answers, the list of suggestions will be long. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Eat chocolate. Do NOT eat chocolate. Go boxing. Call a friend. Think positive thoughts. Be grateful. Start journaling. Surround yourself with people. Spend time alone. Go for a car ride.

Let me guess. You have tried all of this. It doesn't help. Gloomy days still happen. A lot of them.

Damn it, what to do?

How about ... nothing?

Do nothing about it.

What happens if you politely decline the society's intrusive invitations to "feel great"?

Those invitations, which, under a benevolent pretext, create enormous pressure that no normal person can withstand?

Melancholy is a beautiful emotion. It carries a lot of creative energy when you can wholeheartedly embrace it.

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