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Why Should we care about work stress?

It is not a secret that a happy employee is also a more engaged and productive employee. Mental health is a prerequisite to motivation and commitment, which in turn play a crucial role in success, both individual and that of the company. This is why many businesses are becoming increasingly interested in investing in employees’ well-being, and in particular in reducing stress at work.

There is also a strong economic incentive to reduce work stress, because work stress is expensive. High levels of psychological stress lead to reduced productivity, serious mistakes, and sometimes fatal accidents. Prolonged stress may also lead to serious mental health problems in the employee, increasing sick leave and turnover. All of this costs companies a lot of money.


What creates work stress and what reduces it

Stress is always an interaction between objective circumstances and the ways we handle them. Conditions at the work place can create or exacerbate stress in employees. On the other hand, positive working environment can help employees thrive. Here are some examples of the structural factors (i.e. factors beyond workers’ personality and coping styles) that can contribute to stress vs. promote well-being.

Risk factors

  • High working pace

  • Lack of time to do tasks properly

  • Not enough down time

  • Meaningless or unnecessary tasks

  • Unclear tasks and role conflict

  • Work demands incompatible with family life

  • Discrimination, bullying, and violence

Protective factors

  • Respect and recognition

  • Meaningful work

  • Influence over how the work is done

  • Ability to use one's skills and develop one’s potential

  • Trust and support among co-workers

  • Support from superiors

  • Transparency and justice


Reducing work stress

Reducing stress at workplace requires awareness of the problem, commitment to change, and a close collaboration between the management and employees. A stress coach can be your guide, and we can work together towards creating a working environment where employees thrive. I offer the following types of services:


One cannot address a problem one doesn’t know much about. I offer workshops about work stress, its sources, its symptoms, and how it affects productivity, motivation, and health. The content can be tailored to your specific needs and interests. In a dialog with your employees, we can explore stress topics in more depth and go over basic principles of individual stress management.


Are you aware of the levels of stress in your company? Do you know its sources? Would you like to know more about your employee’s well-being? I can help you design an anonymous survey to obtain more information about employee’s stress, and I can also help you interpret the results.



Most effective stress interventions combine changes at the company or unit level and individual counseling for employees. The latter is aimed at increasing awareness of own symptoms of stress as well as improving coping and self-care. See more about individual counseling here.



I gladly support international companies located in Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand in Denmark. I have previously worked with the United Nations Population Fund and the  United Nations Development Programme (UN City Copenhagen), International House Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, and Copenhagen Business School.


"Nadya, your communication style was really impressive and authentic. The atmosphere at the workshop was positive and encouraging an open conversation of sensitive topics across the participants. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to learn more about myself and in general about human beings. This knowledge will help me to lead my team in a more sustainable and caring way. Big thanks."

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